Mug Apple Crumble

So it’s Sunday…I’m in the middle of doing laundry when my daughter says, “Mom do we have any snacks?” I offered some fruits or a sandwich and both offers were received with a crinkle of her nose which meant “no”.  So what’s a mom to do?  We find the next best thing, which won’t take up too much of my time and take me away from the ever pressing need to finish my chores. I made a deal with her, I can whip her up something yummy, as long as she helps me make it and clean it up…This should help with some bonding time (this does not happen very often with a 12-yr old whose idea of fun is watching YouTube all day ;p), as well as give her something that she’d like.  So I took out the 5-minute Mug Cakes recipe book my nephew and niece gave me for Christmas and a set of mugs (thanks guys :)).

Below are step-by-step instructions, as found in the book (and some tweaks of our own).  The recipe can be found from the book listed below:

  1. Prepare the following ingredients:20160110_122706_HDR
  2. Peel, core and chop the apples. Add the lemon juice, water, maple syrup and ground cinnamon.20160110_123849
  3. Place the apple mixture in a microwave safe mug and microwave for 3 minutes.  This will cook the apples.  Do not worry if they reduce in size.
  4. In a separate container, prepare the crumb.  Mix the flour with chilled and cut butter, finely chopped oatmeal and sugar.20160110_125922
  5. Add to the cooked apple mixture. And microwave again for another 2.5 minutes.

Ok, let’s pause here for a minute… When we took out our first mug, we realized that this recipe was not supposed to be made in a standard-sized mug.  It should be made in a smaller container.  I should’ve known this… being that there were no eggs or baking powder in the recipe, this dessert is not supposed to rise.  Luckily, we can try it again, this time using a smaller container. Also, we found that the crumble was too dry so we decided to increase the amount of butter to add some moisture to the crumble.


6. Here’s what it looks like on our second attempt:


…and here’s our little girl having some fun in the kitchen…no cellphone in hand…Gasp! 🙂



Here’s our take on this apple crumble recipe:

The apple was very yummy, and the recipe was not too sweet.  The crumble came out more like a combination of cookie/ pie crust in texture…which was just “Perfect!” according to the kids. However, I was hoping it would be softer and fluffier, more like a scone.  Perhaps, stirring them together after cooking the apples and adding the dry ingredients would’ve achieved that but that might be for another project.  As much as I wanted to keep trying until we’ve perfected the recipe, my washer and dryer were repeatedly beeping as if to say, “Fun time is over!”

Til next adventure….


Related literature:

Knudsen, L. (n.d). Mug Cakes: Soft melting cakes ready in 5 minutes. Hardie Grant Books. Melbourne, London.



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