Feeling a bit under the weather….

Here in “sunny” California, we had a very dry spell and everyone was worried about the drought and a possibility of water shortage. Then lo and behold! El Niño came to our rescue and we’ve now had our share of rainy days…. Unfortunately, along with the rain and this gloomy weather comes the sniffling and coughing in 90% of the populace of families with school-age children.  And sadly, that did not skip our household this year. Yup, first Baby Bear got sick, then Mama Bear, then Sister Bear…Will Papa Bear miss it? Only time will tell.

So in this yuck, I think about better and sunnier days, and our trip to Hawaii came to mind. Frolicking at the beach….

Picture 1275

Hiking through the forest…

Picture 1253

Soaking up the sunshine….


Ahhhh summer…seems like it’ll never come again.

Or perhaps, I am feeling just a bit nostalgic. I should confess, our daughter left for Science Camp this week, longest time she’s ever been away from home. Even with our son at home, with no Sister Bear to torment, the house seems quieter than usual ;p

Anyway, this weekend, we will be celebrating my nephew’s birthday and semi-hosting a Super Bowl party…Guess who’s baking the cake?  ME! YAY! Ah the thought of cake makes me happy 🙂

Til next adventure…


P.S. I would love to hear your “best summer” stories….


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