Living Kawaii…(Part 1)

“Kawaii” (kah-wah-ee) is a Japanese term that can be loosely translated to “cute” or “adorable”.  As a child, I was such a big fan of characters like Hello Kitty, My Little Twin Stars, Kero Keroppi, and the likes, that my sister and I would “trade” stickers, stationery and other trinkets that we’ve collected using our “lunch” money.   When Hubby, Sister Bear and I finally got to visit Japan a few years back, it was so surprising and refreshing to see how this lifestyle was present almost everywhere in Japan!  It wouldn’t be uncommon to see a large cartoon-like character in the middle of a sidewalk even in the business district.


So, when given a chance to create (a.k.a play around with) similarly adorable characters, I was definitely excited to get started! 🙂  Japanese character based pop culture has spread world-wide and has become popular even here in the US.  Can you guess what characters these were based from?


Anyways, there are more characters to come and I’m very excited to share the final product with you…so if you like Kawaii…or for those that LIVE a Kawaii lifestyle…stay tuned!

And in case you’re wondering, of course they are going to be edible and used on something baked! I mean what better way to enjoy them, right? 🙂

Til next time…




2 thoughts on “Living Kawaii…(Part 1)

  1. Aww… these look awesome already! They look just like the shopkins and I know my daughter is going to love them;) I can’t wait to see the final touch on them. Thank you Christina for always making my families birthday’s so special.

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