Happy Easter!

H! Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.  It was such a busy weekend for us so I don’t have much to post here but I will be posting more this week. I promise…

We were lucky enough to have nice weather this weekend and we met with family and friends at the local park for a little picnic.


For our Easter celebration, we had both candy filled and decorated hard-boiled eggs and the kids had a blast searching for the eggs.


We had lunch with three-bean salad, honey ham, quiche (more eggs?), and mac-n-cheese followed by a light and fruity dessert of pineapple upside-down cake topped with fresh berries and whipped cream.  However, with all the hubbub, only the bean salad made it to the photo shoot 😛

bean salad 2

To finish off our trip, we took a short train ride around the park to enjoy the scenery.

Train ride at LGP

Anyway, I know it’s late but I sincerely wish that everyone had a great Easter and weekend overall…


Hope, Believe, Peace, Faith, Imagine, Live, Dream, Love, Smile, Laugh, Wish, Inspire

Til next adventure….






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