Double Trouble…

Last Sunday, my family and I went to the Fish Market for Mother’s Day lunch (thanks sis 😀) and of course at the end of the meal my daughter decided to order some Snickerdoodle Brownies.  I’ve never heard of them before so I tried to imagine it as best as I could. When it came out, it looked yummy (especially topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup 😏) but it wasn’t what I had expected. It was literally a Snickerdoodle flavored brownie as the name suggested (after some research I found out that they are more commonly known as Blondies) but for some reason what I had imagined was a chocolate brownie with chunks of Snickerdoodle cookies….so that’s what I decided to make in my kitchen only because I’ve already set my mind to it: I am making a Double Trouble Snickerdoodle Brownie 😜

Now some of you may already have your own favorite brownie and Snickerdoodle cookie recipes and if you so, then yit is perfectly fine to use that.  But for some who are unfamiliar with Snickerdoodle cookies, please check out Sally’s Baking Addiction.  The recipe that I used was very similar to hers except that I skipped using the cream of tartar since I didn’t want the cookies to be too fluffy.  Her recipe is PERFECT for cookies as themselves but for the brownies I wanted to keep it a little less fluffy, more dense to match the fudge brownie texture.

For the Snickerdoodle cookies:
Cream 1/2 c butter and 1 1/3 sugar then add 2 tsp vanilla and 1 egg.


On another bowl mix together the dry ingredients: 3 c flour, 1 tsp baking soda, a pinch of salt and cinnamon.


Gradually, in 3 batches, add your dry ingredients into your wet ingredients and mix until well-combined. This would be a little chunky with the consistency of cookie dough.

Scoop about a rough tablespoon of dough (I like mine with big chunks of cookie dough 😀), and form into balls.

In a small bowl combine sugar and cinnamon.  This will be your cookie coating.  Depending on your preference you can decide the ratio of cinnamon to sugar.


Set aside and prepare the chocolate brownie. This would also be the perfect time to start preheating your oven to 325F.

For the fudge brownie:
Mix 1 c sugar and 3/4 c unsweetened cocoa powder. (sorry it’s too dark to see anything after I’ve added the cocoa powder but trust me they’re all there 😜)


Add 2 eggs one egg at a time, and mix well each time.

Lastly, add 1/3 c flour and a pinch cinnamon. If you used lots of cinnamon on the cookie recipe then you can skip the cinnamon on the brownie.  If you’re a cinna-holic (yup, I made that up), then add to your heart’s desire…😜


Stir until combined but do not over mix.  Pour the brownie batter on a greased 8 x 8 pan and spread evenly.
Finally, the fun part! Drop those Snickerdoodle cookie dough into the pan.


Bake for about 20-25 mins., until the brownie slightly cracks or if a toothpick comes out clean after inserting into the brownie and cookies.  Allow to cool for another 10 mins. …tick tock, tick tock…


You may serve them as is…which is what we did for ours since we have no patience whatsoever 😀…or you can serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream 🙂

Til next adventure….

~ CW


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