Cake pops, and cakes and pie…Oh my!

Hi Everyone!  Surprised to see me?  Although it seems like I was in hibernation for a month…but on the contrary, these last few weeks had been such a blur from all the events going on around our house…we’ve had a birthdays and graduation and Father’s day celebrations left and right.

I’m posting here the final yummies because it seems like before I can finish a post, another project/event comes along and I can’t seem to keep up.  So I’m posting each one now and hopefully, when all the craziness dies down, I can write a separate post detailing each one.

Last post, I had mentioned that a birthday event was on it’s way.  It was for my sister-in-laws’ husband (is there an easier, shorter way to say that?!??).  Here’s a lemon ombre cake that I made for his birthday. It took a lot of time, and some really steady hands but it was worth it.

LEmon ombre cake.jpg

We had an OVER ABUNDANCE of lemons in our tree so I made some lemon merinque pie for the family 🙂

Lemon meringue pie

Up next was my sister’s friend’s son’s graduation (WHEW! that’s another mouthful…I’m almost positive that I broke some grammar rules there…TSK!TSK! Please don’t tell my kids..)


Remaining cake pop dough was made into…Mini cupcake cakepops! 🙂

cupcake cakepops 2

This next one was a tough one but my most favorite accomplishment…took me a few days to complete, and that’s even eliciting the help of my kiddos 😛  It’s Daddy’s birthday cake! 🙂  Can you guess what it is?

Octopus cake

Yup!  It’s an Octopus cake!…And it moves 🙂  Check out the short video below (sorry if blurry, resolution isn’t that great)   Oooops scratch that, I guess my WordPress plan does not allow me to upload a video boohoohoo…(I’m hoping that maybe I can post it elsewhere and link it here later???)

Up next…Bread pudding for the family :)… I made 2 versions: one with chocolate chips and one with raisins and both drizzled with my very own caramel 🙂Bread pudding

Lastly…and this was made for Hubby for Father’s Day…Neapolitan Mirror Glaze cake

Glass-Mirror cake

This was something that I’ve recently learned from Pinterest…seems like bakers have shown lots of interest in this type of cake, and I wanted to see what the hulabaloo was all about 🙂  It’s my first attempt so I haven’t quite perfected the look…but I think all in all not too shabby 🙂  But as my luck would have it, (and one of the reasons why I decided to blog, because we can only learn from our mistakes right???) after I made the first slice for the kiddos I had a Brilliant idea of covering it with Saran wrap to keep the cake from drying out. BAD, BAD, BAD idea 😦  Even after the cake has chilled for awhile in the fridge, the glaze stuck to the plastic like glue.

Well, again sorry for the late post…Hope all these yummies make up for my tardiness…I’ll try to get the specifics for each on a separate post.  Let me know if there’s one in particular that you are most interested in.

Thanks for visiting!

Til next adventure







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