Oh baby!

Hi guys! Sorry it’s been awhile…I have been working on some yummies but for some reason I can’t seem to find something that I find to be worth sharing…I know, I know, sounds like a lame excuse, right? It’s just that I seem to work on a project but just can’t seem to get the creative juices flowing enough to write about it. I guess every writer suffers from a mental block at some point or another.

But guess what?!?! I finally got an awesome project to share.  I was requested to make a baby shower cake for my friend’s brother and his glowing 🙂 wife.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been to a baby shower and I believe that the last one I attended was our own! Our kiddos are 12 and 8, so you guys can imagine how long ago that was.  But looking at it from another perspective now (sans the “kankles”, weird food cravings, and constant sleepiness), I realize how much babies really bring a family together.  Everyone was happy and excited about the new baby: proud parents-to-be, and even prouder grandparents-to-be 🙂  I can’t wait for his arrival!

So, here it is…Tada! Oh baby!


  • Cake: Double layer vanilla and chocolate cake with buttercream frosting
  • Decoration: Shaped crispy rice cereal treats (see below) covered with fondant
  • Lettering: Melted chocolate

How to make crispy rice cereal treats:

  1. In a microwave safe bowl melt 1/4 c butter
  2. Add 1 bag (approx. 40 pieces) of puffed marshmallows. And stir until fully coated.
  3. Return the bowl to the microwave and heat at 10 second intervals until the marshmallows are fully melted.
  4. Quickly add 6 cups of crispy rice cereal and stir until all cereals have been incorporated into the melted marshmallows.
  5. Allow to cool for 5 mins. so that they can be formed into desired shapes.

Everyone seem to have enjoyed it which is always the best and most rewarding part of making a cake.

Oh my, I think I’ve just had an epiphany!  I think the other “projects” that I’ve made didn’t seem to be worth sharing because I made them for the blog (and any hungry mouths willing to taste test :P) but not specifically for family and friends…which as much fun as they were to make they weren’t as satisfying to write about.

I know that to build a successful blog, I should be more consistent with my postings, but for now, I think that I owe it to my few readers that I stay true to myself and my writings. The posts may not come every week but I promise to make it as a worthwhile experience for you to read and for me to write 🙂  I hope that you can see through my writing that they all come from the heart…and hope that you continue to share with my experiences by reading through my posts….

Congrats to the expecting parents and looking forward to meeting the new baby 🙂

Til next adventure…


*** Author’s Note: This design for the cake was not an original design, my friend found it online and provided me with a picture to copy using my own rendition.

** Photography by Sam (featured image) and Giselle (cake)