There’s a Hero in all of Us…

levi” It was late at night, our hero is tired…battered from fightin’ evil on another side of town.  All that he wants was to run to his hideout, give up the cape for night…But he knows he can’t, not just yet.  He can’t let them down…Not when so many people are counting on him. 

So he moves around in the speed of light, doing what needs to be done, picking up the pieces as he moves along his universe…

Finally it is all done.  Everyone is happy…His bones are aching, his head pounding…but as he looks around, seeing all the happy faces, hearing all the cheers, “Hep, hep…Hooray!”, he is happy that at that moment he was their hero…but the best of all was a smile from his favorite sidekick…it was for him…his belief that our hero can make it happen, that made it all worth while…”.

Some might think that I am so egotistical to view myself as a hero, and if you do then you have missed the point of my story.  I do not see myself as a hero, in fact, far from it…I wanted to say: “NOPE! That can’t be done…it’s just not possible!“… but my kids make a hero out of me and for that I cannot let them down.  They are the ones who believe that we can do anything, that we cannot fail them—so who am I to disappoint?  My son wanted a hero cake (most of you may not know Levi from Attack on Titan) which really didn’t seem like that difficult to do, but with a full time job, chores to accomplish, a house to clean for party guests, and a tight budget, it felt like a daunting task to accomplish.  But how can you say no? When he looks at you with pleading eyes, when he shows you pictures of cakes other parents have made before…there was only one answer that would not be devastating to a 9-year old boy…”Sure!” 😛

So here I was sitting in our kitchen, in the wee hours of the evening, looking at pictures, deciding which cake to make that would measure up to his expectations…Then he comes over and with a sheepish smile says, “mom I want to help!


…and at that point I knew that I made the right decision to say yes to his request.

Now of course, everyone in the family had helped out,  Papa Bear did the laundry, Sister Bear helped with the groceries and even picked out a little gift using money she had saved! Lil’ Bear even helped mop the kitchen floor…And all the other bears in the family came, bearing gifts and food to celebrate his birthday, and make it special.


Life is good…we should all be so thankful that there are people around us who would make heroes out of us.  Even when the going gets tough…they know that we can make it happen.


Happy Birthday Kenzo!  We love you very much…

Til next adventure…



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